The Heroes by Joe Abercrombie

In the First Law Trilogy, there weren't many heroes, and to the extent there were, they didn't last long. As one protagonist repeatedly observed, "Nobody gets what they deserve." In the Trilogy, only the torturer had anything like a happy ending. Abercrombie isn't kind to his characters. And so we come to The Heroes, the fifth novel set in the Circle of World, set 8-10 years after the events of the First Law Trilogy. Black Dow is the Leader of the Northmen, having stolen the kingship from the equally brutal Bloody Nine. There is a war between the Northmen and their former allies, the Union. Like all of the conflicts in the Circle of the World, there are other agendas, other would-be puppetmasters behind everything that is going on. In fact, The Heroes is about a great battle where neither side is particularly competent or aligned with the angels.
Of course, there are good reasons why in each case. There are cowards, traitors, manipulators and venal liars on both sides. The First of the Magi has no particular desire to see the Union be too strong. Or ruled by competent, honest men. And the Named Men of the North, while heroes every one, are not well-armed, well-led or particularly apt as soldiers.

Abercrombie is gifted at characterization. It's a strength that has improved with each novel. He writes from the shifting point of view of different characters (I think I counted fifteen), and the voice, motives, desires and feel of each character is very different. He writes equally strong, equally venal men and women. But Abercrombie is not as gifted at plot. The First Law trilogy was well-plotted, especially the first and third books. Best Served Cold was a much more pedestrian plot: a revenge novel. And in The Heroes Abercrombie's plotting skills are weaker still. Partly, it's because he over-indulged in point-of-view characters. Too many viewpoints diffuse the force of such plot as there is. Indeed, some of them disappear from the story without explanation. Partly, the book feels forced, as if he didn't have time to refine it as much as he would have liked. And partly because it is very hard to generate a meaningful plot about what is a pretty meaningless battle. So what you are left with is a 500 page vignette on the folly and nihilism of war, brutally told.

It's you, my model.

It was great instants, under a very harsh sun, on a bright day to the Canaries. And you know taht, You're my model, forever; Photographic male model, but also my model of man, those I search for gave it to you little critters who named you grand pa! Love you daddy.

Vanity Fair: The Portraits: A Century of Iconic Images

This hefty, handsome volume contains the photographic works of some of the world's most important photographers whose images have graced the pages to Vanity Fair in the two periods of its publication - the beginning and the ending of the 20th century. This is a photographic collection that gives generous full page (and at time double page ) spreads of brilliant photographs by artists who gained permission to enter the lives of movie starts, artists, writers, government personalities, royalty, stage personas, the wealthy and the significant poor - they are all here in both lush color and black and white reproductions.
Not only is it fascinating to leaf through the 300 odd photographs of this book, but it is also rewarding to read the several introductory notes and essays by Graydon Carter, David Friend, and Christopher Hitchens - each of whom lends appreciation for not only the publication that influenced art and fashion and politics and world affairs, but also gave readers a tasteful and solidly informative way to view the world as the characters displayed here influenced our times. This is a collection of art and history married in a way that allows the reader time and contrasts to re-live the past and appreciate the developments that graced the years from 1900 to 2000.

KN by KN !

Photographies by my little and so cute sister, Kara! I'm very pleased to be shot by her, and the result is totaly awesome! Shades of grey are for my taste, and I love to be with her! So, it took many many many hours for choosing clothes and select the good pictures for you! Enjoy, people!

The Island of Dr Moreau, H.G. Wells

The island of Dr.Moreau is, in my opinion, the best in all of the classics by H.G. Wells. This many has hidden messages in it, which greatly remind me of The Little Prince by Antoine De-Saint Exupery. There is more to this book than vivisecting animals as a horror science story. Definitely a classic. Better than more than half of the books I have read so far. Wells is the best author in my opinion, next to J.R.R. Tolkien of course. This book is a must-have if you are into Science Fiction/Horror.

The Beauty.

This is my perception of true beauty... Not very objectively, but really, for me it's you, my vision of the perfect woman. Not only by this gorgeous body who stunned many men and girls, but before that, by this huge and kind heart, this gentle soul you possess. It's you, the synonym of beauty.

Go to the Canaries !

Dad and me before our departure for the Canaries! A great trip into perspective, offered by my great uncle Peter and his wife Cassandra! I long to lie down on the burning beaches and wander through the colorful markets! Dad rented a house overlooking the ocean, we'll both be well! Happy holidays to you all!

You & Me

It doesn't matter if sometime, we are in rage against the other, we are sisters, and you're my only female love on this world! I love you so much, so strongly, with passion and I'm always be there for you, my sister, my Kara.

Only the strong take the green !


My favorite shot of me, by my sister of art, Meggan. I love this aspect of me, I feel cute and sensual like that.

Model by Meggan

Photoshoot by Meggan, great friend of mine, who think I'm a gorgeous woman who must be model... No thanks! I'm in peace with my body, my face is not ugly, but model... Of course, Meggan convince me for a couple of shots! Tell me what you think about that!

Happy Hats!!!

Happy new year everybody!!!

Snow !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I love snow, I love cold to, but here near Bristol, it's the norm!

Best food in the world (and outa!)

You know californian maki? if aliens invade us, they stole the recipe for this little tasty thing, kill humans and prepare human-maki!!! Yeah it's true, it's so delicious that it's like that things are doing!!! I love japanese food, especialy fish and especialy maki!!!


I love drums! I play of this huge and a little bit noisy instrument for I was 13, I love the energy, the vibes... Beter than violin or string instruments, who are, in my opinion, for little shy girls! huhuhu!


For me, family is not just a word, it's a way of life, a guidance to better days. Mum is far away now, but I talk with her frequently, so my true family are my dad, here, the handsome man on the picture, and my little sister Kara, I love 'em, they are my life, my smile, and the suns of my misty british days!

Hi I'm Katryn !

Hello everybody! I'm Katryn and I'm welcomed you in my first blog-universe! I don't know how all this stuff works, but I hope we can share many good vibes and emotions! So, welcome in the Katryn Little World!